FileBound Australia understands the best way to ensure high quality document and workflow management solutions is through superior FileBound Training programs.  We offer both online and classroom training to our customers so that they can quickly get skilled.

FileBound University

The FileBound University is the perfect spot to start your FileBound training.  It offers a convenient online method of getting started with using or engineering in FileBound.  Full details of the FileBound University can be found here.

FileBound Classroom Training

Classroom training is the right choice for those seeking a thorough education in a purpose built training environment.  We off Intermediate FileBound training as well as training in other core products and skills.  We have the following classroom training scheduled and / or available to be scheduled;


16/17 March 2020: PSIcapture Training (Brisbane)
18/19 March 2020: FileBound Training (Brisbane)

6/7 July 2020: PSIcapture Training (Brisbane)
8/9 July 2020: FileBound Training (Brisbane)

19/20 October 2020: PSIcapture Training (Brisbane)
21/22 October 2020: FileBound Training (Brisbane)

On Demand

FileBound Integration Platform [Flow]

Solution Sales Training

Demonstration Masters

Technical Pre-Sales Solution Sales Training

FileBound Advanced Electronic Forms

FileBound Advanced Workflow

Invoice Processing with PSIcapture

The courses are $995 per participant. There will only be limited spaces; complete the application form for FileBound,Flow or PSIcapture training to ensure a spot.

On-Demand training can be scheduled and run at times and locations that are convenient to you.  Minimum numbers and / or trainer travel expenses may apply.  If you are looking to complete one of these or any other training please contact to arrange.